We will be featuring a wide variety of information from council services and those of partner organisations in the Bay.
Our social media accounts are maintained by our Communications and Customer Services teams. We’re happy to help you in any way that we can and look forward to seeing your views and feedback. We do however expect our users to offer us the same level of courtesy that we offer them, so we have a short set of house rules:
  1. All users must comply with the social media platform’s Terms of Use as well as these Terms of Use.
  2. We will remove, in whole or in part, posts that we feel are inappropriate or discriminatory against any individual or group.
  3. You are wholly responsible for any content you post including content that you choose to share.
  4. We will block and/or report users on our social media channels who post messages at us which we believe are:
    • Abusive or obscene
    • Deceptive or misleading
    • In violation of any intellectual property rights
    • In violation of any law or regulation
    • Spam (persistent negative and/or abusive posts in which the aim is to provoke a response)
Anyone repeatedly engaging with us using content or language which falls into the above categories will be blocked and/or reported to the associated social media platform.