If you want to report an issue for the first time, have spotted something that you feel needs to be reported to us, or would like to request a service we have a number of online reporting forms which can be used to notify our services directly such as missed bin collections, potholes, grass cutting, overgrown verges, litter, anti-social behaviour, breach of planning or unauthorised development, faulty street lamps etc. There are also forms available to notify us of other issues such as unauthorised encampments. These forms are available using the search facility or Report an issue link below.

  Report an issue

If you are unhappy with a response you have received, or you have raised an issue with us and not received a response within the timescales you have been advised then you can make a complaint.

We operate a one stage complaints procedure. Your complaint will be investigated by either an officer within the relevant department or by the Information Governance Team.

In some instances your complaint may be handled differently and we will tell you if this is the case. This might happen if:

  • There are legal proceedings.
  • You have a separate right of appeal e.g. where a planning decision is involved or a decision about Housing Benefit entitlement etc.
  • Your complaint concerns Children’s Services and comes under the Children’s Services Complaints and Representations Policy.

We define a complaint as a customer letting us know they are unhappy with;

  • The quality and/or standard of service provided,
  • The quality of information and/or advice given,
  • Our failure to comply with procedures, rules, statutory obligation or published service standards.

This definition encompasses a wide range of issues that can be considered as a complaint. However, the Complaints Procedure excludes situations where an officer nearest to the point of service delivery resolves the query within 48 hours, such as a missed refuse collection or a telephone call not being returned immediately or where the complaint falls outside of the Complaints Procedure e.g. if it is about Children’s Services or a request for a service.

When making your complaint please provide as much information as possible.