Glass Jar Lanterns

You will need:
● Glass jar
● Twine
● Tealight
● Scissors

1. Tie a small piece of string around the rim of your jar.
2. Cut three pieces of string about 24 inches in length.
3. Tie two together in the middle, and then tie the third one on. This will give you a large knot in the middle with six strands of string coming out from it, in a sort of spider-like formation.
4. Set the "spider" down on your work surface. Place the jar on top of it, centred.
5. Thread each strand up the jar and pull through the piece of string on the rim. Do so evenly around the jar to create six stripes.
6. Once you've pulled all of the strands through, tie a knot at the top.
7. Secure again with a second string around the rim of the jar and drop your tealight in.

Thank you to Brit+co for this lantern suggestion

Plastic Bottle Lanterns

You will need:
● Plastic bottle
● Pens, paint or tissue paper & glue (to decorate your bottle lantern)
● String
● Tealight or string of lights (rechargeable)
● Scissors

1. Cut the top off of your plastic bottle.
2. Decorate your bottle lantern with pens, paint or tissue paper.
3. Put a hole in either side of your lantern (using a hole punch or skewer) and thread the string through to create a handle.
4. Drop your tealight or string of lights in and bring your lantern to Earth Hour Torbay!

Bring your lantern along to our #TorbayEarthHour event on Saturday 25 March 2023, 8.30pm at Torre Abbey, Torquay. Keep your lantern and hang it in your room or garden after the event.