Due to Hackney Carriage (Taxi) & Private Hire Policy changing on the 2 November 2018 any future Hackney Carriage vehicle changes must be Manufacturers BLACK in colour.  No other colour will be accepted.

If you hold a Hackney Carriage, or Seasonal Hackney Carriage licence, you are able to change the vehicle attached to that licence.

If you wish to change the vehicle, it must meet our specification. Read the Hackney Carriage (Taxi) and Private Hire Policy for the specifications and more information.


To apply to change a vehicle, please log into your online account.

  Login to your licence account Opens in a new window


Once an application has been submitted, you will be unable to use the old licensed vehicle, or proposed new vehicle until you receive the new licence plate.


The fee for a permanent or temporary vehicle change is £82.