In certain circumstances, some of the highway in front of your business may be used for the sale of food and drink and for the placing of tables, chairs and other furniture whilst the public have food and drink. A successful application does not affect the need to acquire any other licence such liquor, music, food hygiene etc.

Conditions will be attached to each successful application including but not limited to operational times, area’s being confined to the boundary of your premises and not obstructing any other property including street furniture. Neighboring properties will be consulted about your application as a part of the approval process.

Pavement Cafe Guidance
Guidance notes for pavement applicants in Torbay


All applications will be assessed individually by an Officer and advice will be given on site. Licenses will all have a 1 April start date. Changes to the licensed area or licence holder details during the licensed period will incur an admin charge.

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Paper applications

You can also submit your application by downloading and completing an application form and sending it to us.

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Size Fee

Band One - Under 10m2

£295 per annum

Band Two - 10 to 19.99m2

£435 per annum

Band Three - 20 to 29.99m2

£585 per annum

Band Four - Over 30m2

£730 per annum

Transfer of licence




Permits are for three years and are invoiced annually in March/April.