The sale and storage of fireworks is regulated by legislation. This registration enables you to store up to 2000kg of explosives and sell fireworks during specific times of year:

  • 15 October to 10 November
  • 26 December to 31 December
  • The three days prior to Diwali
  • Chinese New Year

Explosives, which include fireworks, must be stored safely to prevent fire or explosion and to protect persons from the effect of fire or explosion.

Failure to store fireworks correctly, or the sale of fireworks to persons under the age of 18, may result in the revocation of your licence.


To register complete the application form and return it to us along with the correct fee.  

  Download an explosives store licence application

Licence fees to store less than 250kg
Licence duration New application fee Renewal fee
One year £111 £55
Up to two years £144 £88
Up to three years £177 £123
Up to four years £211 £155
Up to five years £243 £189
Licence fee to store between 250kg - 2000kg
Licence duration New application fee Renewal fee
One year £189 £88
Two years £248 £150
Three years £311 £211
Four years £382 £272
Five years £432 £333

There is a fee of £37 to change the name of the licensee or address of the storage site, transfer the licence or replace a lost licence.

Sale of fireworks

Anyone who wishes to sell fireworks outside the set times listed above will need to obtain a separate licence.

  Download supply fireworks licence application


The fee to apply to sell fireworks is £500.