Any child or young person in Torbay up to School Year 11 needs authority from us to take part in any activity such as:

  • photo/film-shoots
  • modelling
  • sports competitions
  • performances with dance or drama Groups
  • festivals
  • theatre shows

We grant performance licences when we are satisfied with the child's fitness. We also need to know there are provisions in place for their:

  • health
  • kind treatment
  • education
  • safeguarding

With regards to employment, we have byelaws in place. These govern:

  • the hours and days that children may work at different ages
  • the types of work that they may do
  • the statutory requirement for children to be approved for suitable work

When the application form is submitted by the potential employer it must be accompanied by a:

  • copy of the current Child Safeguarding Policy
  • a completed business risk assessment
  • a Covid-19 Declaration

Under the byelaws, parents and/or employers can commit an offence by failing to comply with these regulations. This is punishable by a fine of up to £1,000.

If it is found that an employer has contravened H.M. Government or Local Authority Health and Safety Regulations the case may be heard in a Magistrates Court. The maximum fine can be up to £20,000.

If it goes to Crown Court, there will be an unlimited fine. This is subject to changes of current H.M. Government rates.