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Request a rescoring visit

What to do if you think your food safety inspection rating is unfair or wrong.

There are safeguards to make sure that food businesses receive the correct score. If you are not happy with the score you can:

  • ask for a rescoring revisit as long as you have completed the necessary actions
  • appeal if you do not agree with the score
  • have a right of reply to highlight the actions you have taken since your visit

Once you have fixed any problems from the first visit you can request a revisit. If you don't have enough evidence to show the improvements you have made we may not revisit.

What will happen

Once we get your application and payment:

  • the revisit will take place within three months
  • we will display the original rating on the website until the revisit
  • we will arrive unannounced and the visit will be thorough


The cost of a rescoring visit is £200.

Ask for a rescoring visit

If we reject a request you can raise the issue with the Lead Officer for Food. If we cannot resolve the matter you can make a complaint.