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Register a fishing vessel

If your home port is in Torbay you must register your fishing vessel with us.

Fishing vessels with a home port of Torbay must register with us. This registration is more important since the UK left the European Union.

If you do not register you will not be able to export fish to the EU.

Most countries in the EU need each shipment of fish to have an Export Health Certificate. These are only issued to registered businesses that:

  • follow food safety legislation
  • show traceability


There is no fee to register a fishing vessel. You must register each vessel you own.

Register a fishing vessel

Inspection of the vessel

Once we have your registration you will have an inspection. We will arrange this for when the vessel is in Torbay.

Our checklist shows the main areas of inspection. Download and complete the checklist before we visit.

Public register

The register lists all fishing vessels with a home port of Torbay.

Fishing vessel register