Businesses have a legal duty of care to ensure that their waste is securely stored and disposed of legally. The safest way to achieve this is by using a waste carrier registered with the Environment Agency.

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Businesses who employ unlicensed waste carriers to dispose of their waste are committing an offence. Unlicensed waste carriers can be responsible for flytipping (e.g. dumping waste) which can pose dangers to public health, wildlife and the environment.

SWISCo services

SWISCo offers a variety of services to meet the needs of your business.

We can provide containers and collections that are bespoke for your business, along with all the necessary paperwork you need to discharge your legal duties.

We can separately collect mixed recycling, glass, food, cardboard, plastic & cans and residual waste using a selection of containers ranging from 240litres to 1100 litres. For businesses that cannot store a bin, bags are available.

We can also offer a collection of commercial sharps and/or clinical waste.

Businesses may prefer to bring their recycling and waste to the SWISCo depot in Tor Park Road, Paignton. Your waste and/or recycling will be weighed and payment is taken at our weighbridge. Accounts are available on request.

Our professional experienced team are on hand to help. For further information or to discuss please contact us.