Consultations on both the content of the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan and the renewal of Paignton Neighbourhood Forum’s status and their associated Neighbourhood Area have now closed. Details relating to the consultations can still be viewed via the relevant drop down box below.

Deborah McCann has been appointed as Independent Examiner for the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan. The Examination is expected to commence in April. Further detail will be available here once confirmed.

Consultation on the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan closed at 9am on Monday 18 December 2017. The relevant documents are still available below.

In accordance with the appropriate regulations, all comments received as part of the submission consultation will be forwarded on for consideration by the appointed Examiner. The Examination is expected to commence in April. Further detail will be available here once confirmed.


Submitted Plan
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Basic Conditions Statement
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Community Involvement & Consultation
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Supporting Evidence
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening & Non-Technical Summary
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan

Please note The Paignton Neighbourhood Forum have their own website (  Opens in a new window ) which has up to date information on progress, events and how to get involved.

Consultation in relation to Paignton Neighbourhood Forum’s status and associated Neighbourhood Area closed on Monday 20 November 2017.

The original application for Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum status in Paignton was approved in December 2012. The area is based on existing Community Partnership areas:

  • Blatchcombe
  • Clifton with Maidenway
  • Goodrington with Roselands and Hookhills
  • Paignton Town
  • Preston

Forum status expires after 5 years (ie. for Paignton the forum status is due to expire in December 2017). It is for that reason, that we consulted on the intention of the Forum to renew their status as a ‘Qualifying Body’ (ie. Neighbourhood Forum) and their associated Neighbourhood Area. The application can be viewed below. 

Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5) - 2017.