The Independent Examiner, Mrs Deborah McCann issued the Final Report on the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan (PNP) on Wednesday 18 July 2018; The Report and related Examination documents are available below.

Mrs Deborah McCann was appointed as Independent Examiner for the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan. The Examination commenced in April 2018. The Examiner’s initial letter (dated Monday 23 April 2018) can be found below.

An exploratory meeting (as advised in the Neighbourhood Planning Guidance to service users and examiners Opens in a new window) on the 10 May 2018. The Exploratory Meeting Agenda, an audio file and transcript of the meeting is available below. The Examiner's response to that meeting and additional questions to the Neighbourhood Forum (16 May 2018) and the Forum's reply (dated 22 May 2018) can also be found below.

Consultation responses to the submitted PNP an any further late representations can be found on the Paignton Submission Neighbourhood Plan Representations web page.

The application for the renewal of the Paignton Neighbourhood Forum status and their associated Neighbourhood Plan Area (approved in December 2017) is also available in a drop down box at the bottom of this webpage.

  Listen to Paignton Neighbourhood Plan Exploratory Meeting on the 10th May Opens in a new window

Transcript of Paignton Neighbourhood Plan Examination Exploratory Meeting on Thursday 10 May
Uploaded 5 June 2018

Following the Exploratory Meeting, for clarification, the Paignton Neighbourhood Forum re-submitted the joint Neighbourhood Forum Response to the Five Year Supply consultation carried out earlier this year; this, and the Torbay Council Five Year supply have been submitted to the Examiner and copies are provided below:

Consultation on the submitted Paignton Neighbourhood Plan closed at 9am on Monday 18 December 2017. The relevant documents are still available below.

In accordance with the appropriate regulations, all comments received as part of the submission consultation will be forwarded on for consideration by the appointed Examiner. The Examination has now commenced (April 2018). Further details will be available on the Neighbourhood web pages once confirmed. 

Paignton Neighbourhood Forum’s Response to Examiner’s Questions
Dated Tuesday 22 May 2018
Paignton Neighbourhood Forum Submission Letter
Submission letter (received 18 August 2017 added by request of the Forum 22 March 2018)
Submitted Plan
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Basic Conditions Statement
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Community Involvement & Consultation
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Supporting Evidence
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening & Non-Technical Summary
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report
Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Examiner's Letter - 23 April 2018
Examination of the Paignton Neighbourhood Development Plan
PNP Examination Exploratory Meeting Agenda
Agenda for the Exploratory Meeting to be held on Thursday 10th May 2018
Torbay Council Five Year Supply Statement
Land supply statement 2017/2018
Torbay Council Five Year Supply Statement Appendix
Land supply - post Feb 18 consultation
Neighbourhood Forum Representation to the Torbay Council Five Year Supply Consultation
PNP 5 Years Supply response dated 4th March 2018
Neighbourhood Forum Representation to the Torbay Council Five Year Supply Consultation Appendix 1
PNP 5 Years supply Appendix 1 Table of Sites dated 4th March 2018
PNP Exploratory Meeting - Participation List Note
Thursday 10 May 2018
Examiners Response to Exploratory Meeting and Further Questions
Wednesday 16 May 2018

Please note The Paignton Neighbourhood Forum have their own website (  Opens in a new window ) which has up to date information on progress, events and how to get involved.

Consultation in relation to Paignton Neighbourhood Forum’s status and associated Neighbourhood Area closed on Monday 20 November 2017.

The original application for Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum status in Paignton was approved in December 2012. The area is based on existing Community Partnership areas:

  • Blatchcombe
  • Clifton with Maidenway
  • Goodrington with Roselands and Hookhills
  • Paignton Town
  • Preston

Forum status expired after 5 years (December 2017). The intention of the Forum to renew their status as a ‘Qualifying Body’ (ie. Neighbourhood Forum) and their associated Neighbourhood Area was consulted on and the application can be viewed below. The Paignton Neighbourhood Forum was re-designated by full Council on 7 December 2017 (the Report (Item 11) and Minutes can be accessed online). The designation lasts, in accordance with the regulations, for 5 years.

Paignton Neighbourhood Plan
Application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5) - 2017.