Two of Torbay’s key services for children and young people, Torbay Youth Service and Young Carers Service, have transferred to the Torbay Youth Trust.

Staff teams from both services have transferred to Torbay Youth Trust and will continue to support children, young people and families, working closely with Children’s Services to identify and support those most in need. Torbay Youth Trust is committed to developing relationships of trust with children and young people and to enabling them to have a strong voice in their communities.

Young carers are children and young people under 18 years old, who look after a member of the family who is sick, disabled, has mental health problems or has a drugs or alcohol problem.

The young carer may be may the sole carer or be supporting another family member in care tasks. At the same time the impact of these caring responsibilities may cause difficulties at home, in school or college, or elsewhere.

Young carers may be involved in:

  • Practical care - Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping.
  • Personal care - Washing, dressing or toileting.
  • Family responsibilities - Managing money and household budgets, Completing forms and/or household responsibilities.
  • Medical care - Reminding the cared for to take medication, administering medication, giving injections etc.
  • Emotional care - Listening and/or talking to the cared for person about their feelings, concerns and difficulties.
  • Care of younger siblings - Helping to look after a sibling because their parent/s are unable to, or need assistance at times.

How do we help?

When a young carer is referred to us we will contact them and arrange to meet with them to discuss their needs and develop a support plan. We aim to:

  • Take a whole family approach to consider family needs whilst signposting adults where appropriate.
  • Give information and advice around local activities, national contacts and support services relevant to your situation.
  • Hold various drop-ins around the bay for young carers to attend. This is an opportunity for young carers to meet other people in a caring role within a fun and relaxed environment. During these drop-ins activities are run so the young carers can have a break from their role, e.g. arts and crafts, cooking, pool etc.
  • Arrange activities/outings during school holidays for young carers to participate in, e.g. Quazer, first aid training, family swims.
  • Provide individual support and befriending - This can include support within the family household or/and school. In various schools we hold lunch-clubs where young carers can come together to meet other students in a caring role.
  • Keep young carers up to date with the project activities and relevant information via a mailing list
  • Signpost to any additional support that is required by either the young carer or cared for person. We are able to refer you to other agencies where appropriate support can be given, this may be mental health support such as Culverhay, CAMHS or the integrated youth support service.

For agencies and those working with young people and/or children:

  • Advice on addressing young carer’s issues and making services more assessable to young carers.
  • Support for those working with individual young carers.

If you would like to refer a young person to our service please contact us.