We have a responsibility to keep the roads and footpaths safe to use. Illegally parked vehicles cost us thousands of pounds a year in damaged paving, damaged grass verges, and cause serious problems for blind, disabled and older people.

If there are parking restrictions on the highway then a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice) would be issued since a vehicle parked in this manner is in contravention of the traffic order, e.g. not parked within the bay markings. Parking restrictions cover the highway from centre of highway to the back of the footpath.

  Report illegally parked vehicles

If there are no parking restrictions on the highway, then we have no power to take action. The Police may be able to take action if the vehicles’ position constitutes an offence in law. An example of this would be a vehicle parked in such a way that it completely prevents another vehicle from gaining access onto the public highway i.e. parked entirely over a driveway preventing exit of the vehicle (an obstruction). Another example would be a vehicle parked in such a way on a footpath that it forces pedestrians into the road to continue their journey. Please note, repeated instances of ‘inconsiderate’ or ‘awkward’ parking do not fall under the remit of either the Police or us.

Double Parking

This activity is dangerous and causes road safety issues to other drivers having to navigate past such vehicles and also to pedestrians when their view of traffic is restricted.

Pavement Parking

Pavements are constructed and provided for pedestrian use. Vehicles parked on pavements are:

  • A hazard to pedestrians causing an obstruction which may result in them having to step off the pavement onto the highway thus putting themselves in danger.
  • A hazard by restricting the width of the pavement making it difficult for someone with a pushchair or wheelchair to pass safely - again this person may have to step into the highway to avoid the obstruction.
  • A hazard due to the damage caused by driving on and off the pavement - broken flags etc.