We have a duty to remove abandoned vehicles in Torbay. We investigate vehicles to ascertain whether we consider them to be abandoned or not, and issue removal notices to registered keepers/land owners when it is deemed by the abandoned vehicles officer that a vehicle has been abandoned, however, please note that vehicles reported as apparently abandoned on private land will only be inspected if the vehicle in question is deemed to be hazardous or dangerous by the Councils abandoned vehicles officer.

If you believe you have come across an abandoned vehicle please tell us so we can take appropriate action. Please help us by giving as much of the following details as possible:

  Report an abandoned vehicle

Please note that you will be required to provide your name and address, as anonymous reports will not be investigated.

Once we get a report an initial inspection will be carried out where the vehicles condition and location will be recorded, and then monitored. There is no specific timescale that can be given as each vehicle will be dealt with on its own merits depending on its condition, but generally the registered keeper of the vehicle will be written to advising that the vehicle has been reported as abandoned, and that we intend to issue a removal notice within a certain period if no contact is received from them.

Once the we are satisfied that the vehicle has been abandoned, a removal notice will then be issued. The length of time given on the removal notice will depend on the location and condition of the vehicle.

The vehicle will then continue to be monitored during the time period on the removal notice, if the vehicle remains in place and no contact is received from the registered keeper then we will remove the vehicle once the notice period has expired.

The amount of notice period depends upon the vehicles condition. Usually a vehicle will be issue with a seven day notice which will be affixed to the vehicle, and a letter will also be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. However, in circumstances where we think that the vehicle poses a danger to members of the public, removal may take place within 24 hours.

There are charges prescribed that can be applied to any abandoned vehicles that are removed, stored or disposed of by us. The charges vary dependant on the type of vehicle that is being removed, and also where the vehicle is being removed from.

Standard charges for removing a vehicle from the highway
Type of charge Charge for cars Charge for motorbikes
Removal charge £150 £150
Storage charge per day £20 £10
Disposal charge £75 £50