When undertaking works on or adjacent to the highway, you may have to consider erecting temporary traffic control to ensure that the site operatives and public are not put at risk whilst works are being undertaken.

Unless your company has statutory powers to work in the highway such as the gas or water boards, you will need a licence to work on the highway before you can make an application to erect temporary traffic control.

Temporary traffic control will cause delays to the public and we will only approve their use where an accredited operative or supervisor can prove to us that they are required. A 10 day application period will apply and all applications will be responded to once the works have been coordinated with any other works being undertaken in the area, please do not assume that approval is granted. We reserves the right to place conditions on the use of temporary traffic control which may include working on certain days or at certain times.  

  Download the portable traffic signals application

Faulty traffic lights

If you need to report a fault with permanent or temporary traffic lights please use the following form.

  Report faulty traffic lights