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Dropped kerbs and crossovers

Information on creating a dropped kerb or crossover and how to apply for a licence.

As of 16 October 2017 we have updated our application process for dropped kerb and crossover licences.  The application form, below, is now online and payment for the licence will also be taken online upon submitting the application form. 

With increased problems of parking, many residents want to park their vehicles off the highway, within their own property. To do this you need to create a vehicle crossing to allow you to drive over the pavement. This is known as a dropped kerb or crossover.

Driving across a pavement without having a dropped kerb or crossover in place is an offence and can lead to an investigation.

Before you apply you should make sure you meet the following requirements, further information on these can be found at the bottom of the page:

  • You must use a qualified contractor to carry out the works.
  • The contractor must obtain a licence from us before any work is carried out.
  • Some dropped kerbs and crossovers require planning approval.
  • If you are a tenant you must have the permission of the owner of the property.
  • There must be an area of at least 6.0m x 3.2m available for off road parking.
  • The parking space must be at a right angle to the highway with the vehicle able to enter and exit the property in one movement.

All applications must also meet our terms and conditions set out in the following document.  Applications not meeting the terms and conditions will not be authorised and will be immediately returned and the fee refunded.

We must receive an application for a licence together with the fee and the relevant documentation, at least ten days before the work is due to start.

  Apply for a vehicle crossing licence

The fee for a licence application is £179.61 and is payable upon submitting the application.

Additional random inspections of each site may be carried out. If the site is found not to comply with the conditions of the licence an additional charge of £119.91 will be issued.

Requirements that must be met

When choosing your contractor you should make sure they hold a current certificate demonstrating a competent knowledge of Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual and a minimum Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000.

All work carried out must meet the specification for materials and workmanship in accordance with the latest edition of the Specification for Highway Works issued by the Department of Transport.

A copy of the contractor’s Public Liability Insurance and the certification must be provided when applying for the licence.

We recommend that you get quotes from two different contractors.

Our partner contractor, SWISCo can provide you with a quote, but it is not a requirement that you get a quote from them. If you would like them to give you a quote you should contact them direct on 01803 208160.

Only the qualified contractor can apply for the licence.

There is a non-refundable fee of £179.61. If the licence is refused the fee will be refunded.

We must receive an application at least ten days before the work is due to start.

Some dropped kerbs and crossovers will require planning approval. You need to contact the Planning department to find out if you need to apply for planning permission.

You can find out more information on our planning pages

If you are renting the property, the landlord must be contacted before you make any alterations.

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