You do not need a licence to display goods or A boards on the road or pavement and we will not remove goods displayed outside of business premises provided they are compliant with the following provisions:

  • More than 1.5 meter of unobstructed pavement remains usable outside of the display
  • The display does not protrude greater than 600mm (2 feet) from the curtilage of the premises
  • The display is entirely contained within the boundary of the premises
  • There is no obstruction to any other premises, doorway, fire escape or any piece of highway or utility company property
  • The goods are not in any way fixed to the highway surface or any piece of street furniture
  • The goods are not in any way dangerous to the public ie flammable, sharp, damaged or liable to be blown away
  • Goods suspended over the highway are no lower than 2.1m above the walking surface.
  • Goods are not left out whilst the premises is closed.
  • Goods must be removed for the purposes of other roadworks or maintenance

We reserves the right to remove things deposited on roads and pavements Opens in a new window¬†where breaches occur.