Four groups of roads within the primary salting network in Torbay have been identified. The groups are taken from the thermal maps of Torbay and all or any combination of the groups can be gritted as either precautionary or reactive salting.

The routes are coloured red, blue, green and yellow with red being the coldest to yellow the warmest.

The roads covered by the yellow route can be seen below:

Roads on the yellow gritting route
Road Description Town
Bank Lane Union Lane to Market Street Brixham
Bolton Street Rea Barn Road to New Road Brixham
Burton Street Greenover Road to Bolton Street Brixham
Doctors Road Burton Street to Drew Street Brixham
Drew Street Greenswood Road to Milton Street Brixham
Fore Street The Strand to Bolton Street Brixham
King Street Fore Street to Ranscombe Road Brixham
Market Street New Road to Middle Street Brixham
Middle Street Market Street to The Strand Brixham
Overgang Road The Quay to Ropewalk Hill Brixham
The Quay Overgang Road to The Strand Brixham
The Strand The Quay to Fore Street Brixham
Union Lane Middle Street to Bank Lane Brixham
Blatchcombe Road Maidenway Road to Southfield Road Paignton
Church Street Winner Street to Well Street Paignton
Commercial Road Cartmouth Road to Victoria Street Paignton
Dartmouth Road Great Western Road to Totnes Road Paignton
Dendy Road Victoria Street to Hyde Road Paignton
Esplanade Road Marine Drive to Sands Road Paignton
Eugene Road Seaway Road to Paris Road Paignton
Great Western Road Victoria Street to Dartmouth Road Paignton
Hyde Road Torquay Road to Victoria Street Paignton
Maidenway Road Lammas Lane to Blatchcombe Road Paignton
Manor Road Marine Drive to Torquay Road Paignton
Marine Drive Seaway Road to Esplanade Road Paignton
Morin Road Manor Road to Paris Road Paignton
Old Torquay Road Upper Manor Road to Preston Down Road Paignton
Palace Avenue Winner Street to Torquay Road Paignton
Paris Road Morin Road to Torquay Road Paignton
Roundham Road Esplanade Road to Whitstone Road Paignton
Sands Road Whitstone Road to Esplanade Road Paignton
Seaway Road Torquay Road to Marine Drive Paignton
Station Lane Dartmouth Road to Great Western Road Paignton
Torbay Road Esplanade Road to Victoria Street Paignton
Torquay Road Palace Avenue to Torbay Road Paignton
Totnes Road Dartmouth Road to Palace Avenue Paignton
Upper Manor Road Torquay Road to Oldway Road Paignton
Victoria Street Dendy Road to Great Western Road Paignton
Winner Street Totnes Road to Colley End Road Paignton
Belgrave Road Torbay Road to Lucuis Street Torquay
Cary Parade The Strand to Torbay Road Torquay
Fleet Street Union Street to The Strand Torquay
Haldon Road Ridgeway Road to Higher Lincombe Road Torquay
Higher Erith Road Babbacombe Road to Higher Woodfield Road Torquay
Higher Lincombe Road Haldon Road to Ridgeway Road Torquay
Higher Woodfield Road Higher Erith Road to Meadfoot Road Torquay
Ilsham Road Ilsham Marine Drive to Meadfoot Sea Road Torquay
Livermead Hill Cockington Lane to Wheatridge Lane Torquay
Lower Warberry Road Slip road to Middle Warberry Road to Babbacombe Road Torquay
Meadfoot Road Parkhill Road to Higher Woodfield Road Torquay
Meadfoot Sea Road Higher Woodfield Road to Ilsham Road Torquay
Middle Lincombe Road Higher Erith Road to Ridgeway Road Torquay
Middle Warberry Road Higher Warberry Road to Slip road to Lower Warberry Road Torquay
Parkhill Road Meadfoot Road to Torwood Street Torquay
Ridgeway Road Middle Lincombe Road to Haldon Road Torquay
The Strand Fleet Street to Torwood Street Torquay
Torbay Road Torquay Road to Rathmore Road Torquay
Torbay Road Belgrave Road to Cary Parade Torquay
Torwood Street The Strand to The Terrace Torquay
Trematon Avenue Union Street to Lymington Road Torquay
Union Street Fleet Street to Laburnum Row Torquay
Union Street Teignmouth Road to Upton Road Torquay