Four groups of roads within the primary salting network in Torbay have been identified. The groups are taken from the thermal maps of Torbay and all or any combination of the groups can be gritted as either precautionary or reactive salting.

The routes are coloured red, blue, green and yellow with red being the coldest to yellow the warmest.

The roads covered by the blue route can be seen below:

Roads on the blue gritting route
Road Description Town
Albany Road Shorton Valley Road to Windmill Road Paignton
Albany Road Occombe Valley Road - Cary Road Paignton
Albany Road Cranford Road - Lacy Road Paignton
Albany Road Lacy Road - Windmill Road Paignton
Barton Hill Road Hele Road to Barchington Avenue Torquay
Bascombe Road Dartmouth Road to Churston Road Brixham
Bellever Tor Drive Huccaby Close to Summercourt Way Brixham
Blagdon Road Glazegate Lane to Totnes Road Paignton
Borough Road Totnes Road to Brixham Road Paignton
Brixham Road Dartmouth Road to Alston Lane Brixham
Brixham Road Tweenaway Cross to Windy Corner Paignton
Brixham Road Dedicated cyclepath to Battersway Road Paignton
Cadewell Lane Collaton Road to Newton Road Torquay
Cecil Road Torquay Road to Southfield Avenue Paignton
Cherry Brook Drive Dartmouth Road to Hookhills Road Paignton
Chestnut Drive Bellever Tor Drive to Summer Lane Brixham
Church Street Well Street to Torquay Road Paignton
Cockington Lane Old Mill Road to Nut Bush Lane Torquay
Collaton Road Cadewell Lane to Exe Hill Torquay
Colley End Road Cecil Road to Kings Ash Road Paignton
Coombe Road Langdon Road to Shorton Valley Road Paignton
Cross Park Avenue Higher Cadewell Lane to Collaton Road Torquay
Dartmouth Road Windy Corner to Kennels Road Brixham
Dartmouth Road Windy Corner to Goodrington Road Paignton
Davies Avenue Gibson Road to Goodrington Road Paignton
Dolphin Court Road Marldon Road to Windmill Road Paignton
Drake Avenue Nut Bush Lane to Upper Cockington Lane Torquay
Edginswell Lane Collaton Road to Newton Road Torquay
Gibson Road Goodrington Road to Hookhills Road Paignton
Goodrington Road Brixham Road to Dartmouth Road Paignton
Grange Heights Roselands Drive to Grange Road Paignton
Grange Road Grange Heights to Goodrington Road Paignton
Hawkins Avenue Upper Cockington Lane to Grenville Avenue Torquay
Hayes Road Totnes Road to Penwill Way Paignton
Headland Park Road Torquay Road to Upper Headland Park Road Paignton
Hele Road Riviera Way to Teignmouth Road Torquay
Higher Cadewell Lane Cadewell Lane to Cross Park Avenue Torquay
Hookhills Road Hunters Tor Drive to Gibson Road Paignton
Hunters Tor Drive Hookhills Road to Brixham Road Paignton
Jasmine Grove Kings Ash Road to Smallcombe Road Paignton
Kingswear Road Hill Head to Milton Street Brixham
Long Road Brixham Road to Woodview Road Paignton
Lymington Road Teignmouth Road to Castle Circus Torquay
Marldon Road Churscombe Cross to Dolphin Court Road Paignton
Mathill Road Monksbridge Road to Summer Lane Brixham
Milton Street Kingswear Road to Summer Lane Brixham
Monksbridge Road New Road to Mathil Road Brixham
Newton Road Riviera Way to Hele Road Torquay
Nut Bush Lane Drake Avenue to Sherwell Rise South Torquay
Oak View Close Orchard Way to end of road Torquay
Occombe Valley Road Shorton Valley Road - Occombe Valley Road rear Paignton
Occombe Valley Road Occombe Valley Road rear - Albany Road Paignton
Orchard Way Newton Road to Oak View Close Torquay
Paignton Fire Station Paignton
Penwill Way Hayes Road to Dartmouth Road Paignton
Preston Down Road Sandringham Drive to Sandringham Gardens Paignton
Queensway Sherwell Valley Road to Shiphay Lane Torquay
Quinta Road Reddenhill Road to Windsor Avenue Torquay
Raleigh Avenue Hawkins Avenue to Queensway Torquay
Ramshill Road Kings Ash Road to Redwell Road Paignton
Roselands Drive Brixham Road to Grange Heights Paignton
Sandringham Gardens Sandringham Drive to Upper Headland Park Road Paignton
Sherwell Rise South Nut Bush Lane to Sherwell Valley Road Torquay
Sherwell Valley Road Queensway to Hawkins Avenue Torquay
Shiphay Lane Shiphay Avenue to Collaton Road Torquay
Shorton Road Southfield Avenue to Shorton Valley Road Paignton
Shorton Valley Road Shorton Road to Coombe Road Paignton
Smallcombe Road Redwell Road to Jasmine Grove Paignton
Spruce Way Kings Ash Road to Jasmine Grove Paignton
Summer Lane Milton Street to Mathill Road Brixham
Summercourt Way Summer Lane to Bellever Tor Drive Brixham
Teignmouth Road Lymington Road to St Marychurch Road Torquay
Tor Park Road Borough Road to Aspen Way Paignton
Torbay Hospital Drive Torquay
Torquay Fire Station Torquay
Totnes Road Tweenaway Cross to Winner Street Paignton
Upper Cockington Lane Drake Avenue to Marldon Road Torquay
Upper Headland Park Road Headland Park Road to Sandringham Gardens Paignton
Well Street Colley End Road to Church Street Paignton
Windmill Road Dolphin Court Road to Albany Road Paignton
Windsor Road Lydwell Road to Congella Road Torquay