We have responsibility for the maintenance of the highway including pavements and footpaths to ensure the public are not put at unreasonable risk during the normal course of events.

We have divided the highway network into categories of inspection based on usage and we have 3 inspectors whose main duty is to check the highway for defects.

Although we regularly check the highway, damage can happen in between our inspections that we won’t know about which is why it is really useful if the public let us know if a defect is seen. There is an easy to use online reporting page for any areas of concern you would like to let us know about.

  Report a highway problem

We can’t promise to repair every defect but we can promise to check every report. We have intervention levels for different types of defects with the most common that lead to repair works being issued including:

  • Potholes greater than 40mm deep
  • Footway trips greater than 20mm
  • Overgrown hedges preventing safe use of the pavement or obstructing visibility


Unfortunately incidents do happen and you may have suffered a loss as a result. Some people will make a claim against us if the loss is as a result of negligence. Visit the claims for injury or damage to property page for more information.