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Obstructions on the road

Find out how to report something that is causing an obstruction on a road or pavement including trees and hedges.

If someone blocks a road or pavement without permission, or a good reason, it's against the law. We have legal powers to make them move the obstruction.

Obstructions include:

  • scaffolding and hoardings
  • skips
  • builders materials
  • temporary works, including traffic lights
  • overhanging tree branches, hedges etc
  • mud or debris
  • mixing concrete/mortar on the highway
  • blocking rights of way
  • plants and bushes
  • illegal signs

If you need to use the highway for some of the purposes mentioned above, you may be able to apply for a licence from us.

Report a highway problem

Hedge or tree obstructions

We will ask the property owner or occupier to arrange to cut back anything creating a hazard. This could be where foliage is overgrowing the highway:

  • blocking a road or footpath
  • blocking the light from a streetlight
  • blocking a visibility splay or view of a road sign
  • hazardous foliage such as bramble

We will issue a notice requesting you attend to overgrowth. We issue all notices following a site inspection. If the issue is also caused by your neighbours, they will receive a letter as well.

Don’t panic if you have received a notice from us. They can seem serious, but they have to explain the responsibilities people hold. This includes both the council and property owners/occupiers.

If you are sorting out the overgrowth yourself, please work safely. You may need road signs, cones or barriers. If in doubt, please contact a professional.