Whilst we grit a large percentage of our road network, we can’t treat all roads so to assist the public, we provide a network of 140 grit bins at certain key locations. These community facilities are maintained by SWISCo (whilst national salt stocks last) and the public are able to collect some grit from the bins to spread on the roads or paths near their homes.

We publish information on our website, Twitter, Facebook and to local media when our gritters will be in action, this will be the optimum time for a resident or group of residents to treat their own road to prevent the formation of ice. Please use the salt provided sparingly but by all means, prepare yourselves by taking some now rather than waiting until ice or snow is stopping you from leaving your home.

Grit bins are provided for use on the public highway only and are not for use on private drives and paths. If you are able to keep your own road clear by self help you will be providing a valuable public service and benefiting your community. However, do not put yourself at risk and by all means, contact us or SWISCo’s 24 hour contact at 01803 701310 if you see that your nearest grit bin is running low.

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Please ensure that you always put your own safety first when spreading salt and ensure that you can be seen by drivers.