We own and are responsible for around 40 bridges and as the owner we are the Bridge Authority. There are also other bridge owners/authorities, the largest of these being Highways England Opens in a new window (trunk roads and motorway) and Network Rail Opens in a new window (railways and disused railways).  

Please bear in mind, some structures have width and or weight restrictions. It is vital that these warnings are respected, failure to adhere to these can lead to damage.

Maintenance and inspection

  • We inspect our bridges approximately every two years.
  • We investigate damage through vehicle collision, storms or other causes as soon as possible.
  • All bridges are assessed to see if they can safely cope with the maximum permitted weight of lorries at 44 tonnes.
  • Public safety is maintained on weak bridges through temporary weight restrictions or other measures.
  • We prioritise principal road bridges when we carry out bridge strengthening work.
  • We may decide to permanently restrict the weight limit on substandard bridges on non-principal roads rather than strengthen them.
  • We consider each bridge on its merits before deciding what we will do, taking into account safety, economic and environmental factors.

Damaged Bridges

What appears to be minor damage to structures can have serious implications for the stability of the structure and should be investigated. If you are aware of any damage please tell us.

  Tell us about bridge damage or problems