Once the immediate threat to human welfare, the environment or property has been mitigated we may need to assume a lead role in recovery. Recovery is a coordinated process of supporting affected communities in the reconstruction of the physical infrastructure and restoration of emotional, social, economic and physical well-being.

Where there have been significant impacts on the community we will establish a Recovery Coordinating Group. The purpose of the group is to:

  • Assess the impact on affected communities;
  • Take account of the concerns, feelings and initiatives of residents and businesses;
  • Coordinate support and visits from politicians and VIP’s;
  • Ensure effective communication and consultation with affected communities;
  • Assess the physical and psychological impacts on people’s health and coordinate assistance by the various agencies;
  • Provide longer-term accommodation for residents that have been made homeless;
  • Coordinate and provide specialist scientific and technical advice including public health and the environment;
  • Assist residents in removal of damaged furniture and household goods;
  • Assess the level and nature of damage to essential services, assets, buildings, structures, transport, health and educational infrastructure;
  • Develop a remediation strategy to cover clean up, repair or replacementof physical assets and infrastructure;
  • Assess the damage to the natural environment and arrange for clean up;
  • Assess the economic implications for the affected area and enable affected businesses to resume trading as soon as possible;
  • Assess the financial and legal implications for the affected area and different streams for financial aid.