• Are you struggling to provide the care your child needs?
  • Are Social Workers or others worried about your child’s safety?
  • Is your child in care or at risk of being removed from home?
  • Do you want more of a say in what happens?

If so a Family Group Conference (FGC) can help.

It’s your choice

A FGC will only go ahead if you agree to it. And if you change your mind you can cancel at any time. You can also decide where and when it happens and who is invited.

It’s your meeting

Most of the people involved will be your family and friends. If your family live a long way away we will help with covering the cost of their travel. We will try and meet everyone in advance to explain what’s happening and help them prepare. We will offer advocates to your children to support them through it and help them have their say.

It’s different, you have more of a say in what happens

At the FGC your family will find out from social workers and others what needs to be sorted out. Then the workers leave and your family will have time in private to make your own decisions about what should happen.

It’s for you

Our aim is to give you, your family and your children an important role when decisions need to be made about your children’s lives.

Requesting a conference

Families can request a FGC themselves by contacting us or they can be referred by their social worker or anyone involved with them.