Every foster carer has their own supervising social worker from our team who attends meetings concerning children in placement with foster carers, and makes regular visits and telephone calls to the foster carer. During office hours there is always a member of the team to speak to if a carer’s supervising social worker is not available. We also provide an out-of-hours and emergency service which means that carers can always get help if they need it when the office is closed.

Carers can access a range of specialist advice from other professionals offering medical, therapeutic or educational support.

We run a monthly support group for carers, offering informal support and the chance to meet and mix with other carers over a cup of tea. Pre-school children may be taken along to these sessions.

Because it is recognised that in successful fostering every member of the family plays a part, there is also a group for the sons and daughters of foster carers, giving them the opportunity to meet up regularly and enjoy activities and outings together.

All foster carers are issued with a Foster Carer’s Handbook containing information about the team and a Foster Carer’s Workbook which their supervising social worker helps them complete in the first year.

They are also issued with a Foster Carer’s ID card, which they can use to claim discounts offered by some local shops.


All foster carers undertake training each year, starting with the Skills to Foster course which serves as an introduction to fostering before the home study assessment is taken, prior to formal approval.

Foster carers are now expected to complete a Workbook during their first year and to attend ongoing training to build on their skills each following year. Some carers go on to achieve a professional NVQ qualification.

Carers who have completed their Workbook and an additional two years in fostering (three years for respite carers), move up to Level 2.

Financial support

Guidance about tax, insurance and pensions is provided as part of basic training. The current allowances and fees for new carers are:

Fostering Level Rate
Fostering Level 1 £224 per week
Fostering Level 2 £300 per week
Fostering Level 3 £400 per week
High Dependency Foster Care (for children with disabilities) £184.90 per 24 hour period
Fostering Levels
Schedule 2B Foster Tiering Specification
Fostering Framework Agreement
Agreement for the Placement of Children and Young People with In-house Foster Carers

When you decide to become a foster carer with Torbay you will receive a lot of support, advice, guidance and training from our team. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to four of our foster carers talk about how our team are there for them.