Torbay Council has been accredited as a Fostering Friendly employer by the national charity The Fostering Network.

What does it mean to be a Fostering Friendly employer?

This means that we…

  • Actively support fostering and employees who are foster carers
  • Provide a flexible working pattern for foster carers
  • Allow a flexible working pattern for those going through the fostering application process
  • Give a minimum of five days extra leave for those with fostering commitments

Having Fostering Friendly accreditation means we can not only support those staff who are already foster carers but also encourage others who may be thinking about fostering but haven’t yet taken the step, or who are looking for an employer with a Fostering Friendly approach.

Foster carers are the bedrock of children’s social care – for the difference they make to the lives of children. It is important that this vital role is not only recognised, but also encouraged by their employers.  

By supporting existing foster carers and promoting the role to other employees, this helps to build on the thousands of extra fostering households needed in the UK, for the children who need them most.  

We will also be encouraging local other employers to become Fostering Friendly. The scheme is free to join and suitable for organisations of any size – please get in touch with The Fostering Network to join the growing number of Fostering Friendly employers

Our full Fostering Friendly policy.

You can also find out more about Fostering Friendly on the Fostering Network website.

More information about our Fostering service is available on our website.