The information you will be asked to provide will depend on the value and nature of the contract and will be used by the council to determine whether you meet our minimum requirements.

With the exception of any contract specific questions used to assess a supplier’s technical and professional ability the requirements of what you need to complete will not vary from contract to contract.

You will generally be asked to submit the following:

  • The Selection Questionnaire, covering grounds for mandatory and discretionary exclusion, economic and financial standing, technical and professional ability, compliance with relevant legislation;
  • The award questions, including pass/fail questions, method statements and technical questions;
  • Certificates and declarations, including conditions of tender confidentiality certificate, certificate of undertaking absence of collusion or canvassing and pricing schedule declaration;
  • Your price for the goods, services or works being tendered.

Any questions asked will be proportionate to the value, level of risk and nature of the contract.

Top tips

Always read the advertisement and procurement documentation carefully to ensure that your organisation is fully able to provide the Contract as specified in its entirety and to ensure you fully understand those requirements.

Any clarification questions should be submitted within the stipulated timescales and using the method prescribed, as should your completed Quotations, Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and/or Tenders.

To ensure that your bid is evaluated positively, you must:

  • Provide all the information requested;
  • Make sure that you answer all questions accurately;
  • Take account of any weightings that are applied to the questions in order to understand what are the important issues for us;
  • Consider the marking guidelines and whether your response allows for the highest possible marks to be awarded in all cases.