It is illegal to smoke in any commercial vehicle carrying members of the public including taxis.

Individuals can be fined a fixed penalty for smoking in a no-smoking premises which includes a licensed vehicle. The manager or person in control of the no-smoking premises or licensed vehicle could be fined up to £2500.

Licensed vehicles are also required by law to display 'No Smoking' signs covered by the legislation. A 'No Smoking' sign should be displayed in a prominent position in each compartment of the vehicle which is wholly or partly covered by a roof, including the driver's compartment.

The legislation requires all vehicles used for public transport to be smoke free at all times. This is because tobacco smoke is absorbed into soft furnishings and stays around for weeks after a cigarette is stubbed out, releasing particles hazardous to health. This means drivers are not allowed to smoke in their vehicles even if they don't have any passengers.