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Register your business

Information about getting a licence to carry out procedures which pierce the skin.

You need to register with Torbay Council to carry out any procedures which pierce the skin. This includes: 

  • acupuncture 
  • piercings 
  • electrolysis 
  • tattooing 
  • semi-permanent make up  

The law requires that you must register to carry out these procedures.

Registration ensures that standards are high with regards to: 

  • cleanliness 
  • hygiene 
  • health and safety 

These all play a big part in reducing the risk of infection. 

You need to register the premises where the treatments take place. We will visit to ensure that the premises are suitable.  

Any person providing the treatments must also register. 


It is illegal to conduct ear piercing, tattooing, acupuncture, or electrolysis unless the registration has been formally approved. 

If you have not had a response to your application within 28 days, please contact us.


If you need to make any amendments to an existing licence please contact the Community Safety team on 01803 208025.

If there is any change in your business name, the persons registered to give treatments, or the range of treatments provided, you will need to make a new application together with the amendment fee.

Registration Fees 

Acupuncture. Body piercing. Electrolysis. Tattoo. 

  • Premises registration - £290.00 
  • Personal registration - per person - £167.00 
  • Premises and personal registration - £457.00 
  • Amendment to registration - £55.00 

Cartridge Based Ear Piercing (Caflon, Studex). 

  • Premises registration - £155.00 
  • Personal registration - per person - £139.00 
  • Amendment to registration - £55.00 

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