Pubs and other alcohol licensed premises are automatically entitled to two category C or D gaming machines upon notifying us of their intention to make gaming machines available for use.

The notification will be subject to the conditions that:

  • The machines are located on a premises which contains a bar at which alcohol is served for consumption on the premises (without a requirement that alcohol is served only with food, and
  • Can only be used when the timings on the Premises Licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003, allow alcohol to be sold.

We can issue gaming machine permits which allow additional category C and D gaming machines to be provided.  If you would like to have more than two category C and D machines you must apply for a permit.


If you want to notify us you intend to make gaming machines available to use or you would like to apply to have more than two gaming machines in your premises please complete the application form and return it to us with the appropriate fee.

  Download a gaming machine application form

The notification runs until the alcohol premises license is transferred, at this time the new holder of that premises license must notify us again.


Gambling Licence Fees
Details of licensing fees and annual fees for premises licences and club premises certificates.

There is only an annual fee if you have more than two gaming machines.