An Occasional Use Notice, (OUN) can be used to permit the limited use of premises for gambling where there is no Gambling Act 2005 premises licence in place. Premises that may be suitable for an OUN would include tracks and other sporting venues such as football or cricket grounds.

An OUN may only be used by a ‘Licensed Betting Operator’ that holds the appropriate operators licence issued by the Gambling Commission. For example, the holder of a betting operating licence could serve notice upon the licensing authority of an intention to provide betting facilities at a football ground.

Gambling facilities by way of gaming machines cannot be provided under an Occasional Use Notice.

Occasional Use Notices are limited to no more than eight days in any calendar year. Consecutive days can be specified in the notice, but the overall limit of eight days per calendar year must not be exceeded.

The Occasional Use Notice must be served on the Licensing Authority a reasonable period before the event and a copy must also be sent to the police at the same time.

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