You must tell us about any change in the name, change of registered address, or alteration made to the rules, of the club. This must be done by the secretary of the club within 28 days of any change.


In addition to the notification form, the notification must be accompanied by the following:

  • The correct fee
  • Club Premises Certificate or, if that is not practicable, a statement of the reasons for the failure to provide the certificate.
  • New club rules (if changing the rules of the club)

  Download the change of name, address or club rules form

What happens next?

There is no set application process as your notification will take effect immediately provided that all relevant documentation and the appropriate fee has been received by us.

Once we receive your notification, we will process and update the certificate within 14 days.


The fee to make a change to a club premises certificate is £10.50

Licensing Fees
Details of licensing fees and annual fees for premises licences and club premises certificates.