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Report poor hygiene in a food premises

Find out how to tell us about poor food hygiene standards at a business premises in Torbay.

We check food businesses in Torbay on a regular basis. This is to make sure they follow the law and provide food that is safe to eat.

If you have concerns about a food business in Torbay please tell us. We will then decide whether to investigate depending on the risk to public health.

Things we can investigate are:

  • dirty kitchens and food preparation areas
  • poor food handling practices
  • smoking within a food premises
  • sightings of rats, mice, cockroaches and other food pests

Things we can't investigate are:

  • minor complaints of dirty cutlery or glasses
  • shops selling food beyond its 'best before' date
  • dated or damp rooms
Report poor hygiene in a food premises