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Make a complaint about food

Find out how to make a complaint about food that you have bought from a business in Torbay.

If you have any complaints about food safety, we are here to help you. We deal with complaints where there may be a public health risk. This could be any food in Torbay that has been:

  • sold
  • served
  • manufactured
  • prepared

Things we can investigate are:

  • contaminated food
  • food that might have caused food poisoning
  • food that contains 'foreign bodies' eg: insects, glass, hair, metal or might be mouldy
  • poor hygiene in food outlets
  • food that is being sold past its 'use-by' date

Things we can't investigate are:

  • claims for compensation or refunds - that is between you and the seller
  • complaints about poor quality food. ie, sour milk or over-ripe fruit/vegetables
  • food that is beyond its 'best-before' date
  • problems caused when you did not follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • products returned before you have contacted us

Contact Trading Standards if you want to complain about:

  • false descriptions
  • incorrect labelling
  • quantities or weight not as stated

What information we need to know

When you make your complaint you will need to tell us:

  • when and where you bought the food - a receipt helps
  • who found the problem and how
  • details of ill effects
  • whether you will help in taking legal action. This may involve giving a statement or evidence in court.

What to do with the food

It would help if you could:

  • keep all food and packaging
  • keep perishable food refrigerated or frozen
  • don’t put the food in a place where more contamination could take place (e.g. near other foods)
  • leave any ‘foreign object’ in the food and do not handle it


Make a complaint about food