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Become an approved food premises

Find out how to become an approved food premises if you handle meat, fish, egg or dairy products.

You need to get approval from us if you run or are starting a business which makes or handles food from animals, including:

  • fresh meat
  • minced meat
  • meat products like ready meals, pies and sausage rolls
  • meat preparations like sausages
  • milk and dairy products like cheese and yoghurt
  • eggs and egg products
  • honey
  • fish and fishery products
  • shellfish

You don't need approval if your business is a retail shop and:

  • you only sell to customers
  • you do not supply food to any other business premises

There are some other exceptions, check with us for further details.

We won't grant approval until we have all the documents we need but you can start the application process.

Apply to become an approved food premises

What happens next

Once approved, your business will get a unique identity number. You will be on the list of approved establishments on the FSA's Approved Premises list.