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Apprentice levy transfers

The apprenticeship levy gives employers the opportunity to invest in high quality training. This helps to grow your business and ensure you get a skilled workforce.

Through an apprenticeship levy transfer arrangement, we can work in partnership with local employers. We can support you to take on new apprentices. We do this by funding the costs associated with apprenticeship training and assessment.

We are seeking to use the arrangement to help meet our strategic priorities and align to local need. These priorities include:

  • helping our community and residents to reach their economic potential
  • building an inclusive economy
  • building on our economic specialisms
  • providing employment and training:
    • for young people that are care experienced
    • for young people with special educational needs
    • for adults with disabilities

Businesses eligible to receive funds

We know there is going to be significant interest in the opportunity. We can only transfer up to 25% of our levy funds each year. To begin with, we will be opening the opportunity as a pilot scheme. This means the criteria we are encouraging applicants to meet is as follows:

  • being committed to offering apprenticeship placement opportunities for people with special educational needs
  • being committed to offering apprenticeship placement opportunities for care experienced young people
  • requests from Torbay businesses where evidence shows a need to build workforce capability

All applications must be made through the government ‘Pledge’ function. This enables us to allocate the levy transfer to the successful applicant.

Find details of our current pledges along with guidance on the scheme

All businesses will need an apprenticeship service account to apply for the transfer of levy funds.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Find information about becoming an apprentice with us.