Are you thinking about becoming a childminder in Torbay? 

Do you want to know what Ofsted registration actually means and what you need to do next? 

Childminders are professional childcare workers. They work from their own home to provide a childcare service for other people’s children in a home based setting rather than a nursery or pre-school. Childminding is a very rewarding and important role, and many people choose to become childminders because of the flexibility it offers them in working from home whilst earning an income.

Working with children is both a privilege and a professional responsibility and is something that needs to be entered into with very careful consideration and preparation.

To help you understand how Childminders work and what their responsibilities are we have created an online pre-registration briefing module. This will give you all of the information you need as well as explaining the registration process and what is involved in order for you to become a registered childminder in Torbay. It will hopefully answer all of the questions you may have and help you to decide whether this is a career for you.

Should you have any unanswered questions after completing the module or if you would like information about the Early Years Foundation Stage Childminder training course which would be the next step in the registration process, please contact the Early Years Childcare Advisory Service on 01803 207895.

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