If you have lost or found a dog please let us know by telephone 01803 208025, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Outside of those hours please telephone SWISCo on 01803 701318.

If you have lost your dog we can’t promise to find it but we will try to help you. All dogs over the age of 8 weeks now have to be microchipped by law and contact details held on the microchip database must be kept up to date. Dogs should also wear a collar with an ID tag containing your current contact details.

By complying with the law Opens in a new window you will be reunited with your dog more quickly which may reduce potential kennel fees. 

If a dog is found and the Dog Warden is contacted during working hours there is no charge to scan for a microchip.  If the dog’s owner can be identified, contacted and the dog reunited without him having to go to the kennels there is no charge.

We understand that losing your dog can be upsetting but it doesn’t excuse bad behaviour. Aggressive behaviour by dog owners will not be tolerated and the police may be contacted.

If your dog has been taken to the kennels

If your dog has strayed and then been taken to kennels or where a dog is picked up out of hours you will need to pay a fee, part of which is a government fine of £25.

No matter how your dog came to be a stray, your dog is your responsibility and the fee must be paid.

Stray dog fees
Description Fee
Daily boarding charge £12.94
Reception fee £13.85
Standard call out charge £48.77
Out of hours call out charge £99.90
Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day surcharge £59.93
Government fine £25
Dog Warden transport cost £75

Contact Foredown Kennels Opens in a new window at Kingskerswell to check if your dog is with them.  The kennels are open every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Check their website for opening hours. 

You will need to take formal proof of your identity to the Kennels (e.g. a passport, drivers licence) and evidence of your address (e.g. a utility bill).

At the Kennels you will be asked to sign a release form stating that you own the dog, or that you have the owner’s consent to claim the animal.

Details of the owner’s name and address must be given. Pay the release fee to the kennels, either in cash or by card. This will cover the fine for your dog straying plus all costs involved with the pick-up and care of your dog. Your dog will not be released to you unless all of the above conditions are met.

If you own a dog and it’s out in public (that includes if it strays from a garden for example) it must by law be wearing a collar and a tag with your up to date contact details on it.

Your dog must also now be microchipped by law and you must keep the microchip company’s database updated with current details.

If your dog is on a public highway it’s also the law that it’s on a lead. If you can’t control your dog it must also be on a lead if it’s in a public place, for example in a field, park or on the beach.