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Equipment, living aids and alarms

Find out more about the technology and aids you can have in your home to help you to stay independent.

If you, or someone you look after is struggling with everyday tasks, then simple equipment and technology can make the difference between living independently and needing someone to help you.

Daily living aids

Daily living aids are products that can help you live more independently.

Safe and Well can help you:

  • choose the best daily living aids for you
  • suggest places you can buy them
  • tell you where you can try them out
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Technology enabled care (TEC)

TEC covers a wide range of services. It uses telehealth, telecare and telemedicine to do this. This type of care is:

  • convenient
  • accessible
  • affordable

Telecare - equipment and living aids

TEC involves continuous, automatic and remote monitoring. It can be an alert for real time emergencies. It can track lifestyle changes over time. This can help manage the risks associated with independent living.

TEC can support people in many ways. This includes helping people:

  • stay safe and be independent in their own home
  • access their community
  • at risk of falls stay safe
  • give peace of mind to their family

TEC equipment or terms you may be have heard are:

  • pendant alarm
  • community alarm
  • assistive technology
  • telecare
  • fall detectors

TEC also includes personalised sensors and apps. These can support fitness, health, care and wellbeing for everyone.

TSA, the voice of Technology Enable Care, has created a series of TEC Explainer films to show how technology enabled care can support people.

Watch the TEC explainer films here

Get help finding a TEC solution 

Once you or the person you care for has had an assessment you may be able to get help with TEC. NRS Healthcare delivers TEC solutions directly to residents of Torbay. 

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