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Paying for residential or nursing care

Find out more about paying for residential care and figuring out how much you would have to pay.

We will carry out a care needs assessment to work out if you need care and support in a care home. If you do we will look at your income and savings (a means test) to see how much you will need to pay towards your care. We will look at:

  • your income and savings
  • any property that you own and do not live in
  • the property that you live in (unless the rules mean we have to ignore it)

Care home fees will vary depending on: 

  • where you live
  • the care home itself
  • your own personal financial circumstances

The fees may also vary depending on your care needs. We will always let you know how much we would expect to pay before you move to a care home.

How your income and savings will affect your care home fees
Your savings What you will have to pay
Over £23,250

You must pay all the fees (self-funding). You will have to arrange your care with the care home.

Between £14,250 and £23,250 We will pay for some of your care and you'll pay the rest.
Less than £14,250

We won't include your savings in the means test. We will take your income into account.

We may not count certain types of income. For example, money from certain disability benefits and pensions. We will explain this at the time of the means test.

Once we’ve looked at your income you must be left with an income of £28.25 per week. This is known as your Personal Expenses Allowance. The Department for Health and Social Care set the amount each year.

If you have significant health care needs, and need to move to a nursing home, you may get NHS-funded care. If you’re eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, your care home placement will be free.

Find more information about NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Selling your home to pay for care

Age UK has a handy guide to help you find out how your property will be valued. It also explains in which situations it may not have to be included in the means test.