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Have a Carer’s check

As a Carer, you have the right to a Carer's health and wellbeing check (Carers assessment) of your needs.

Most of the help for Carers in Torbay can be used by anyone.

Although it's not essential to have a Carer’s check/assessment first, most Carers find it helpful to talk to someone who knows about Carer support.

A carer’s check starts with us talking about your caring role and how it affects you. It is not an assessment of your caring ability. It has nothing to do with your benefits. It is a conversation to see:

  • what is going well
  • what help you might need, both now and in the future
  • whether you are looking after your own health and wellbeing

The person you care for does not need to be getting services or help. There is no financial assessment.

Having a Carer's check

There are different ways of having the check:

  • by yourself (a self-assessment) - you fill in the form, then speak to the Carers’ services about the help you can get
  • with a bit of help (a supported self-assessment) - fill in as much of the form as you can. Arrange a meeting with the Carer Support Worker at your doctor's or Carers’ Aid Torbay to talk about the form
  • with a support worker - ask for a meeting so we can help you fill in the form

What happens next

Your assessment will show if you have needs for support, either now or in the future. If you do we will work with you to complete the Carer’s Action Plan which includes:

  • things you plan to do,
  • things that you need support with,
  • who will do this
  • by when

Find out more about the Carer's support available.

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