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Check if you are a Carer

Work out if you are a Carer so you can get help and access free services.

Most people don’t see themselves as a Carer when they are looking after a family member or friend.

Some Carers provide a lot of help which may include:

  • helping with shopping or meals
  • going to appointments with someone
  • making sure that they are alright

You may be:

  • an older couple who do things for each other
  • a parent Carer of a child with a disability
  • a young Carer

You are a carer if you look after someone unable to manage because:

  • they have a physical, hearing, visual or learning disability
  • they have drug, alcohol or mental health issues
  • they are frail or vulnerable
  • they have a serious illness or health condition

If it isn't your paid or voluntary job to provide care, you are considered to be an unpaid Carer. You may get Carer's Allowance though.

We need to identify all Carers as early as possible. This is to let them know about the available help. We want to work with Carers to get the best outcomes for both them and the person they care for. Visit the Carers support page to find out what help is open to all carers in Torbay.

If you are not sure if you are a Carer, take the quiz to find out if you are an unpaid Carer and whether you can get help.

Check if you are a carer

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