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Market position statement

Find out how our market position statement (MPS) can help providers in Torbay plan ahead for the future.

We must produce a market position statement (MPS). It should follow a process that includes input from:

  • providers
  • people who use services
  • other partners

It's aimed at a wide range of current and potential care providers in Torbay and:

  • summarises supply and demand
  • signals business opportunities within the care market

It should be the basis for our strategic commissioning decisions. We publish, review and update our MPS every year.

How it helps businesses

It should inform a business of choices, such as investment in capital or personnel. It can then be used by providers to plan for the future.

The MPS provides a range of information relevant to your business and how it might develop. It should tell you:

  • what is happening
  • plans for the future
  • commissioners’ plans

This information will help you to:

  • work with us and other commissioners
  • plan your business development

Information needs to be straightforward and in an easy-to-use format. If you need help with some of the wording visit the care and support jargon buster.

Read our market position statement