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ASC Commissioning Team

Find out more about commissioning in ASC and the work the team does in Torbay.

Commissioning involves developing solutions and making decisions on where to spend public money. We want to achieve the best results for individuals and communities based on local needs. Commissioning does this in the most efficient, fair and sustainable way by: 

  • looking at the existing provision 
  • planning
  • developing services 
  • reviewing performance 

What we do

We want to make sure that the right services are always available. To do this we need to: 

  • understand the needs of our community based on all evidence 
  • recognise how people want to live their lives 
  • support everyone by addressing safeguarding issues 
  • help develop support networks and community resilience 
  • understand the local health and care markets by:  
      • sharing good practice 
      • identifying gaps 
      • encouraging innovative approaches 
      • working with colleagues to establish service standards to assess and track quality  

Throughout this process we work with:  

  • fellow commissioners - including colleagues in the Devon Integrated Care System 
  • other local authorities 
  • providers 
  • service users 
  • carers 
  • communities 

We are responsible for looking at a range of provisions and markets. This includes care homes, domiciliary services, and voluntary and community sector groups. 

Our services

Torbay has an integrated care system. All services sit within Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. These include traditional services such as:  

  • operational social work teams 
  • contracting and procurement 
  • social care budget management 

We retain the statutory Care Act 2014 duty. This is to enable a diverse, sustainable, high-quality market for the local population. We also want to promote the efficient operation of the adult care and support market as a whole. 

To make long-term plans to meet this duty we work with:  

  • Torbay & South Devon NHS Trust 
  • NHS Devon 
  • Devon Partnership Trust 
  • other local authorities  

Our priorities

Our strategic priorities are: 

  1. to help people be healthy and stay healthy 
  2. to enhance self-care and community resilience 
  3. to integrate and improve community services and care in people’s homes 
  4. to deliver modern, safe and sustainable services