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Other ways to reduce your bill

Other ways you may be able to reduce your bill

People receiving and giving care

Find out about applying for a reduction for people receiving and giving care

Second homes, holiday homes, caravans and boats

Information on reductions for second or holiday homes, boats and caravans.

Students, school leavers, apprentices and trainees

Find out about applying for a reduction if someone is a student, school leaver, apprentice or trainee

Complain about a School

How to make a complaint about a school or the curriculum.

Landlords information

Details for landlords, or agents, about how you are affected if any of your tenants claim benefit to help with their rent.

Find jobs in Social Work

Find out about the job opportunities we have in social work.

Noise Toolkit

Find out how to deal with a noise nuisance and how to make an official complaint about noise.

Consumer advice

Find an approved trader and get consumer help and advice.

Licensing and permits

Information, guidance and applications for all licences and permits required by businesses in Torbay.

Health Unlocked

Find thousands of local health services and online communities from a single search.

Public health

Find out how we aim to improve the health of local residents and prevent risks to public health.

Renting a home

Get help and advice if you are a private tenant renting a home or are just thinking about renting.

Museums and theatres

A list of the museums and theatres in Torbay which offer a variety of rich history and entertainment.

Find a library

Find out about your local library, including its location, opening times and facilities.

New books

Take a look through this month's additions to our fiction, non-fiction, eBook and eAudio book stock.

Building Control

Find out when you need building regulations approval, how to apply, determinations and appeals.

Copy certificates

Find out how to get a copy certificate.

Other ceremonies

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Road safety

Find road safety advice, training and information and details of safety schemes in Torbay.