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Public Health

Public Health
From 1 April 2013 Public Health functions and responsibilities transfered from the NHS to local authorities. This is an exciting time and opportunity for Torbay Council as it welcomes back Public Health which prior to 1974 was a local authority function.
Council services play a significant part in influencing how our health is affected in areas such as employment, education, the environment, transport and leisure.
Our vision for Public Health is ‘To improve and protect the people of Torbay’s health and to improve the health of the poorest, fastest’.
The council will take on the new Public Health responsibilities:
Working with NHS Torbay we have put in place a transition plan to ensure the transfer of the public health staff and function to Torbay Council on 1 April 2013.

Who are the Public Health Team?

We face a number of Public Health Challenges in Torbay including;

Annual Report

Our annual report from the Director of public health has now been published. This can be found and read at annual report.
Helping people in Torbay who drink to do so responsibly and information on local support services.
Stopping people in Torbay from taking up smoking and helping more people to quit
Helping people in Torbay make a full recovery from drug addiction and discouraging people from misusing illegal drugs in the first place.
Protecting the health of the people in Torbay by helping to prevent threats arising and ensuring appropriate responses when things do go wrong.
Promoting sexual well-being in Torbay through early diagnosis, treatment and control of sexually transmitted infections.
Helping people in Torbay to be more active and to eat healthily, and it’s making sure they get the right support to lose weight.
Support for schools throughout Torbay in adopting the Healthy Schools approach designed by the Department for Education.
This website brings together knowledge and intelligence from different perspectives, to enable a wider understanding of the needs within the community.