The registered keeper/owner of the vehicle is legally responsible for payments or appeals against a parking ticket, or Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) as they are officially called.

The amount you have to pay is clearly stated on the PCN. The penalty charge is reduced by 50% if you pay no later than the fourteenth day after receiving the PCN. If we do not receive payment within the 14 day discount period you will have to pay the full amount.

You can pay your PCN online. Make sure you have your debit or credit card details and the PCN number available before you start.

  Pay a parking ticket (PCN)

If you feel that the PCN was issued incorrectly, you can appeal against it.

By Post

Send a cheque or postal order made payable to 'Torbay Council' to:

Exchequer Services
Torbay Council
Castle Circus

Please write the PCN number and your address on the reverse of the cheque.

By Telephone

Call our 24 hour automated payment line on 0845 372 1276. Please ensure you have your PCN number and credit or debit card available when calling.

If you do not pay within 28 days then we will send a Notice to Owner to the registered keeper of the vehicle. If the Penalty is left unpaid and no successful representation or appeal is made within the framework and timescales of the statutory process, regulations provide for the penalty charge to increase by a further 50%.

Further charges can be added at later dates as the ticket progresses to a charge certificate stage (£75 or £105) and then registered at the County Court increasing the outstanding charge by a court registration fee. If the PCN is still not paid for at this stage a warrant of execution will be granted to a bailiff for recovery. The bailiff will then add further charges for the recovery of the fine on top of the existing amount.

If you have any doubt as to how much you should pay contact us and an advisor will be able to assist.