The Council is committed to creating a prosperous and healthy Torbay and a Council fit to meet the challenges of the future. It’s a huge task; £18 million worth of savings and new income have to be made over the next three years to achieve a balanced budget - £9.6 million of those budget reductions will be made in 2018/19. That’s on top of the £69 million already made over the last seven years, which is the equivalent of 63% of this year’s £110 million net budget.

The Transformation Programme will deliver over £6 million of savings next year whilst maintaining services to our communities. In addition, almost £1.5 million of savings have been identified as a result of decisions we have made over the past year or changes that we already know about.

The Mayor has published his proposals for his Revenue and Capital Budgets for 2018/2019. Service changes, increased income and efficiencies totalling just over £0.8 million are being proposed for 2018/19. Despite this, Torbay Council still spends approximately £3.5 million per week on services in the community (excluding funding for schools and housing benefit payments), and also plans to spend more than £48 million on capital schemes.

The proposals in the documents below are consultation documents with the consultation running between 23 October and 15 December 2017. The consultation questionnaire is available on our consultation page.

Budget Proposals Summary
Focuses on those proposals which are likely to have the most impact on the community and service users but also details how the operating costs of the Council are proposed to change.
Draft Budget Digest
Provides a description of what each Council service does and how much it is proposed that they will spend next year including how much income they will receive. It sets out details of all of the draft proposals for service change, income generation and savings in order to produce a balanced budget for 2018/2019.
Draft Equality Impact Assessments
Where a draft proposal has been assessed as having a material impact on service users, a draft Equalities Impact Assessment has been prepared. These will be updated once the consultation process is completed and before any final decision on the proposal is made.
Proposed Fees and Charges
The amount that the Council proposes to charge for its services over the next year.
Mayor's Budget Proposals
Presentation from the Mayor’s Budget Event held on 16 November 2017
Draft Capital Plan
This explains which capital schemes the Council plans to fund over the coming year.
Proposed Capital Reserve List
This sets out the capital schemes which the Council would like to undertake but does not yet have the funding for.
Corporate Asset Management Plan
This sets out the strategies that the Council will use to rationalise the number of assets that is has, replace then where appropriate and improve the quality of the remaining assets.
Capital Strategy
Sets out the principles to be used in the allocation of capital investment across all the Council’s services and informs decisions on capital spending priorities within the Council’s four year Capital Plan.
Review of Reserves
Provides information about the Council's financial reserves.