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What are building regulations

Find out more about approved documents and the regulations for Building Control

Parliament approves the Building Regulations. They deal with the minimum standards of design and building work for construction. These can be domestic, commercial or industrial buildings. The building regulations contain a list of requirements designed to: 

  • ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings 
  • provide for energy conservation 
  • provide access and facilities for people with disabilities 

In total there are 13 parts for these requirements. These are explained in broad, functional terms. This gives designers and builders the greatest flexibility when preparing their plans. 

An Approved Document supports each part. The document reproduces the need contained in the Building Regulations. 

There is also practical and technical guidance, with examples. This shows how to meet the regulations in some of the more common building situations. There may well be alternative ways of complying with the requirements to those shown. You are not obliged to use any particular solution shown in an Approved Document. You are free to meet the requirements in some other way. If you use an alternative method, you will need to provide proof that it is equal to that shown in the Approved Documents.  

Approved documents for building control